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"Matt: 25:40" - A Soul-Stirring Journey of Redemption and Unseen Angels


Dive into the riveting pages of "Matt: 25:40," an enthralling book by the talented author, Anthony "Doc" Raimondo, Ph.D. In this captivating tale, the boundaries between the physical and spiritual worlds blur as a potential murder and a corporate takeover intertwine with divine intervention. The story unfolds in the heart of a bustling city, where the lives of several characters are forever changed by their encounters with a homeless man and the underlying theme drawn from Matthew 25:40.

Chapter 1: A Fateful Encounter

The narrative kicks off with a chance encounter that proves to be anything but ordinary. A homeless man walks past a semi-unconscious body concealed beneath trash near an abandoned building. Little do they know that this seemingly insignificant moment will set in motion an extraordinary out-of-body journey.

Chapter 2: Following the Unseen Path

As the spirit of the dying man begins to follow the Homeless Man, readers are taken on an ethereal adventure. Through his observation, the protagonist witnesses the immense kindness displayed by various individuals towards the least fortunate among them – the very same Homeless Man who initiated the Follower's otherworldly experience.

Chapter 3: Unveiling the Underlying Theme

The profound message resonating from Matthew 25:40 emerges as the narrative progresses. The story poses a thought-provoking question: Could the strangers we encounter, especially the homeless, be angels or even Christ himself in disguise? The power of compassion and kindness comes to the forefront as the reader contemplates their own actions toward those in need.

Chapter 4: A Journey of Redemption

As the Follower witnesses the compassion of others, memories from his past begin to resurface. The narrative artfully explores the reasons behind his loss of faith and his previous mistreatment of a devoted and kind soul. His recollections intensify when he discovers a deadly plot against his own life, leading him on a quest for redemption.

Chapter 5: Racing Against the Clock

The plot thickens as the Follower urgently needs the help of two determined Homicide Detectives, Dalini and Hitali.The Detectives are looking for a missing billionaire at the same time, but they eventually become involved in a homicide case. Time is running out to locate the Follower's body before it's too late, and the clock is ticking.

Chapter 6: Unlikely Heroes - Detectives Dalini and Hitali

The narrative introduces readers to the tenacious and resourceful Detectives, Dalini and Hitali. With relentless determination, they navigate a complex web of intrigue, deceit, and danger to uncover the truth. As their paths intertwine with the Follower's, the power of fate and unseen forces becomes evident.

Chapter 7: The Climactic Unveiling

In a gripping climax, the threads of the story skillfully converge. The Follower's fate, the Detectives' pursuit of justice, and the sinister plot are brought to light, culminating in a breathtaking finale. The true essence of kindness and the presence of unseen angels are revealed in a way that will leave readers both amazed and inspired.

Conclusion: A New Beginning and a Series Unfolds

"Matt: 25:40" is a mesmerizing tale of redemption, compassion, and the possibility of divine intervention. As readers immerse themselves in this enchanting narrative, they are encouraged to reflect on their own interactions with others and to embrace the power of kindness. This first episode of the series introduces us to the unforgettable Detectives Dalini and Hitali, promising more thrilling adventures ahead.

Embark on this soul-stirring journey by grabbing a copy of "Matt: 25:40" today. Experience the magic of Anthony "Doc" Raimondo, Ph.D.'s storytelling as he skillfully intertwines the supernatural with human compassion, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this captivating series.


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