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Intro to Matt 25 - 40

This is the first book of the Least of Brothers Series. Deals with different forms of grief. One persons may die from a potential murder and corporate take over. A teenage boy with the loss of his father, a woman with breast cancer and young man with no income and eviction. The action begins when a Homeless Man walks past the  victim's body, semi-unconscious and lying under a trash pile near an abandoned building. The dying man's spirit begins an out-of-body journey that starts by following the Homeless Man. It leads him to follow several individuals and their reaction and treatment of the least of brothers; this very same Homeless Man.

Throughout the story, our out-of-body follower does not know who he is, but he comes to  remember things about his past slowly. His the memory returns when he discovers the plot to kill him. He now needs the aid of two Homicide Detectives to find his body before the plot against him is successful. Will the Detectives uncover the conspiracy, and save his life?

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Book II Protect & Serve

The second narrative in  the series based on Matthew 25:40 and Matthew 25:45, the "Least of Brothers Series." Detective Mose Dalini returns in the this episode and decides to take a prostitute from the streets into her own business after encountering the Homeless man. Things come to a stop when she thinks it is only for free sex. Is he able to help the least of sisters, or will she continue in the oldest profession?

Check the reviews on the blog page by Dylan Ward of The US Book Review, and Rae Carpi from Pacific Book Review.

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Book III Deadly Change


Least of Brother Series; A dead body is found self mutilated and it is ruled a suicide by everyone including Detective Hitali believes it is a suicide except Detective Dalini. He strongly believes it is a homicide. Can one man be right and everyone else wrong?


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Book IV Faith Cocktail

Book IV of the 

Least of Brother Series; the Homeless Man visit Pizzella’s Bar & Grill that has become a place where grieving individuals drink and get drunk because of their loss. The Homeless Man manages to bring life to the bar while a Serial Killer is marking his victims naughty with coal on their foreheads. Dalini and Hitali must find the killer before someone else is murdered.

Journey Through Revelation 

A Journey Through Revelation takes the reader through the book from a literary perspective as reading a narrative’s final closing charter of a great novel. It also uses the device of watching unfolding events as if watching a theatre production. It includes narration to help the audience identify the critical points in the narrative by identifying the characters, the tragic protagonist, the nemesis, the subordinate characters, the setting, and the various plot points. Using this approach, the author can provide the reader with a greater understanding of the end time key events. As a result, having taught reading for more than 20 years and his study of scripture, and insights provided by the Holy Spirit, provides a clear understanding of where we are at present.  

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