Your Host Dr. Anthony Raimondo, Ph.D. Th.D

The Message "God's plan for your life."

"Doc" is an active Christian Warrior for most of his life, serving on dozens of retreat weekends for men, home church, and Bible study groups and prayer meetings for over 35 years. 

The Lord provides us with knowledge of a personal theme, our mission in life. God's purpose for us is to share our God-given talents with others for the benefit of God's Kingdom on Earth.

We are either living God's plan or not. We are using His gifts or not. "Doc" believes that real education is not necessarily a product of education taught in schools from elementary to college or university levels, but by working with the Holy Spirit.

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  Doc's book Our Storied Lives helps individuals to discover God-given talent and their mission in life. 


“Without knowledge of one’s theme, talent, we plant seeds of an uncertain harvest or we plant seeds that bear no fruit.” 



The Lord gave us each a talent. Dr. Raimondo delivers that message to discover and use it. 


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Dr. Raimondo's message improves communities with the Lord's Message of the gift of Talents. God is calling for men with a new theme.