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Your Host Anthony "Doc" Raimondo, Ph.D. Th.D

The Message "God's plan for your life."

Most people call me "Doc," and I am a storyteller at heart. I have a passion and a gift for sharing stories that lift the spirit. As a child, I wondered what talent or skill did I have. I saw how some of my classmates were smart, others who could dance, sing, or play an instrument much better than me, but my classmates would say Anthony never shuts up. I discovered I enjoyed telling stories and public speaking. As a teacher and a lover of reading, I taught literacy to students. I have enough books at home to fill a library. A storyteller must also be an avid reader to be able to tell stories. I am blessed with a gifted imagination to create my own stories in auditory or written form.


I have shared my stories on dozens of retreat weekends for men, home church, Bible study groups, and prayer meetings for over 40 years. The research and writing for two doctorate degrees, one in Education and the other in Theology, have increased the scope of themes and blended them with others to create exciting stories that help people with their life themes and the struggles of living.


We are either living God's plan or not. We are using His gifts or not. I believe that real education is not necessarily a product of education taught in schools from elementary to university levels but by working with the Holy Spirit. I write both fiction and non-fiction using the insights that the Holy Spirit shares with him. A lesson I learned 53 years ago from Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I Am God." Authors may forget that the most incredible author of all is God and the average person fail to read His Book from cover to cover as one long story.

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All of my books have a theme that provides a lesson both in his fiction and non-fiction. Our Storied Lives helps individuals to discover God-given talent and their mission in life. While my Least of Brothers series teaches moral lessons for treating each other.


“Without knowledge of one’s theme, talent, we plant seeds of an uncertain harvest or we plant seeds that bear no fruit.”     



We are each given a talent. I deliver that message to discover and use it. 


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My message improves communities with the Message of the Gift of Talents. God is calling men and women with a new theme.


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