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   Why risk it!

A Monk once had a few students; one day, while sitting outdoors enjoying the beauty of the weather and the garden with an assortment of colorful flowers, a student approached him. He walked toward him and said, "Master is there really life after death? The Monk motioned for the student to sit before replying. He finally answered the student. "There are only two possibilities, one there is an afterlife and the other there isn't. Now one of two options leads to a good place and another a bad one. Therefore our choice is to live a righteous life or not. The student replies, "If there is no after life it does not matter how I live. The Monk replies, "Let's say you live a righteous life and you die without an afterlife. You still lived an extraordinary righteous life, but my good student, keep in mind that only a fool takes a chance. 


My program uses the essential elements of a story to assist in discerning God's intended personal theme, talent, and mission for each of us. We each have a unique talent, which determines an individual theme. The theme then becomes the focus of one mission in life. The critical element in a narrative is the theme. Without it, a story goes in all directions without a central focus. Our lives are a story. When we understand our theme, our lives have focus, meaning, and order. Today's individuals require understanding the theme of masculinity. The Lord's message is to guide the individual through the process of discerning a personal theme, which helps the individual truly focus on their craft while providing the proper venue. Speaking skills then follow this to express effectively. Those who speak and listen well will achieve more significant accomplishments. 



As with an individual, a small or large community must have a theme to be functional. An example: Toastmasters will have a theme of public speaking. All of the activities will center around that theme. Communities are much like a baseball team. The group has a theme, and the individuals also have theirs. To improve winning, players need to be functioning at their purpose within the group. Present themes emasculate those of manhood. Churches and organizations need to reevaluate male and female roles.



My goal here is the same as in other areas provide stories that are life lessons for those interested in careers that solve problems like in any good book; conflict/problem should lead to a solution for our communities. In addition, we provide education and coaching to develop written and oral presentations to help promote products and services.  

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