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God the Landlord & the tenant

I was reading and an interesting analogy of God being a landlord and we the tenets. While reading, this is what came to my mind. As an owner of a two-family home with two tenets, the analogy of God the owner and us, the stewards of the body, was an interesting one. Since I only enter their apartments when I call, the first two set up an appointment to visit. Since the agreement is that they are in possession of the apartment’s use for a fee. In ten years, neither one of my tenets has ever invited me to a diner or a party. However, when something breaks, I quickly get a call; this is true with most people and Christians included. Suddenly when something breaks, isn’t working, not enough of this or that, the phone call to God is now ringing off the hook. I often imagine what it must be like to have 8 billion calls coming in at one time. God must have an operator direct your call to the proper department: this example came to me by the Holy Spirit. No wonder why Catholics pray to Saints and Angels they have the extension to the right department; with all the calls to God and Jesus, it’s no wonder some dial directly the Mary the Mother of Jesus. When you think of a Kingdom, the King does not perform the mundane chores for the Kingdom. Someone has to filter the calls. The Holy Spirit has a sense of humor, but it makes sense. It makes a person think God is saying, “You never invite me in now you want something.” “What you did not do for the less of my brothers you did not do to me.” (Matthew 25:45 NIV)


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